Are you looking for an internship or for your first job? Consider our proposal.

Why is it worth it?

We are OK with the fact that you are still learning. Your educational background does not matter as well. We want to create the future of our customers and of ourselves - together with you. As our predecessors have created it for us. 

Internship and cash

- doing your internship you will be paid for your work

You will stay with us for longer

- if you turn out to be good at what you do, once your training program or internship ends, we may offer you a job for longer

We will flood you with knowledge

- you will be able to actively join the work of your team, with specific tasks assigned to you

- we will invite you to participate in real life projects

- you will participate in training courses and integration meetings

- if you become an IT intern - you are in for free-of-charge learning courses on the UDEMY platform

Suiting individual working styles

- we are offering the opportunity to combine your studies and employment, by flexibly adjusting your working hours

What can we offer to you?


duration: 6 months


employment contract or contract of mandate

A galaxy of opportunities

Become Aviva’s star. With us, you can develop in many different areas. Choose a place for you and find out what your duties will be.

Sales and distribution

Claim adjustment

Product management

Legal department


Project management

Risk and compliance

Actuarial services

People (HR)



Marketing & Digital



Recruitment process

We will keep you informed about the subsequent stages of the recruitment process to allow you to prepare accordingly. Although the process consists of some pre-defined elements, we may require you to perform some additional tasks or to participate in the Assessment Center to verify your competence more thoroughly.

  • CV analysis
    Share your experience with us. 
  • Telephone interview
    We will hold a short telephone conversation with you. 
  • Recruitment meeting
    We will get to know each other, and you will find out more about the company. 
  • References
    We will check how your work is rated by others. 
  • Completion of the process
    If you proved to be the best, you will be handed the required documents.

Job offers

Check who we are currently looking for. We do not have a job that interests you? Do not worry! Leave us your CV and let us know what you want to do.

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