Why is it worth it?

We are positively crazy about our customers, associates and the communities in which we operate. We are obsessive about simplifying our customers’ and our own lives. Each new day is another reason to improve and to think more creatively.

New opportunities to grow

- you may participate in training courses, coaching and mentoring programs and take advantage of e-learning platforms

- at Aviva Go Smart you may share your experience with fellow employees, as well as participate in training courses and workshops conducted by Aviva’s other great experts

The work-life balance matters to us

- our office is situated at a great location

- our employees may work remotely and have flexible working hours

- you may join our sports teams

- you may support Aviva by joining one of our social campaigns

- should you need some rest during the office hours - take advantage of the chill out room with a massage armchair, and a room with air hockey and table football

We do keep you family in mind

- parents returning after parental leaves may work shorter hours

- fathers are offered 6 weeks of additional leave after their child is born

- you and your family have access to private healthcare facilities

- we organize St. Nicholas Day parties and picnics, to which you are invited with your family

We offer additional benefits

- we pay your life and health insurance premiums and help you save for the future

- you may choose from a cafeteria of other benefits

- we have a global program of employee shares

Galaxy of new opportuinties

With us you can advance in many different areas. Choose your own star and check what you will do.

Sales Department

Customer Service Department

Training Team

Sales Support Department

Virtual Branch

Recruitment process

We will keep you informed about the subsequent stages of the recruitment process to allow you to prepare accordingly. Although the process consists of some pre-defined elements, we may require you to perform some additional tasks or to participate in the Assessment Center to verify your competence more thoroughly.

  • CV analysis
    Share your experience with us. 
  • Telephone interview
    We will hold a short telephone conversation with you. 
  • Recruitment meeting
    We will get to know each other, and you will find out more about the company. 
  • References
    We will check how your work is rated by others. 
  • Completion of the process
    If you proved to be the best, you will be handed the required documents.

Job offers

Check who we are currently looking for. We do not have a job that interests you? Do not worry! Leave us your CV and let us know what you want to do.

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